• What will You Get Choosing Us

    Want to order comics? Then don’t pass by our company of professionals who have much to offer you!

    About Us

    We present the company, which creates provide topnotch quality service with an individual approach to each client giving a helping hand in creating unique non-plagiarism comics for different aims: just for fun or as the effective marketing method. Each our work is not just a combination with pictures and words but someone’s solved business problem.

    We focus on an entertainment element, making the most inconspicuous advertising completely unobtrusive. Comics are not just another way to entertain a child or an adult, but also a great tool that can advertise and promote a product or service. Increasingly, it is becoming the corporate culture of comics, followed by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

    The direction of the development of promotional comics appeared fairly recently, but has already managed to prove itself not only as one of the most promising, but also effective. Today, hundreds of companies are dreaming about creating a high-quality design of comics for their advertising campaign. We are here to make all your dreams come true. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by our quite competitive cost for creating comics.

    Our Services

    Great experience of our team, which consists only of the best talented staff, allows us to provide you with the following services.

    Get acquainted with the range of services you can enjoy making order in our company. The uniqueness of our company is a multi-faceted approach to work:

    • We offer full scripting and design according to your topic
    • We offer creating the scenario using your pictures
    • We offer drawing comics heroes to the text you have
    • We offer drawings in various styles creating similar heroes looking at the photographs of the real people you want to take part in your script

    We have great experience of working with customers. We are fond of communication and creativity. We appreciate any, even the most non-standard ideas!

    Types of Comics We Offer

    • Web comics: developed specifically for posting on the site of the customer;
    • Comics in one frame: a single image, in which a story can be displayed. This illustration looks unconventional;
    • Full comics: this kind of comics illustration shows a large-scale, composed of at least five original pictures, where any information necessary to the customer can be placed;
    • Short comics: miniature story depicted in 3-4 pictures.

    Which Benefits You will Get After Becoming our Client

    • Realization of any customer’s idea by our professionals
    • Reasonable prices
    • Ability to control the work during the whole process
    • High-quality customer service ready to consult you anytime you have questions
    • Meeting your deadlines and creating interesting comics within the short-period of time
    • Creating only effective comics stories, which will meet your individual requirements and achieve the goal of their order
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